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My summer training plan is going well. I've doubled up on the last two days. 2 training sessions each day.

Tuesday's training:

1. Asaren: じょんのび marathon course x 3 @ race pace (62 km)

  • lap 3 19:58, 34.5 kmph, 162 HR AV

2. Rollers: 5 min intervals: warm up > 60 > 60 > 60 > 62 > 64 > 60 kmph > warm down (40 mins)

Wednesday's training:

1. Asaren: Teradomari loop - single gear keep (70 km)

2. Plus: Sakurazaka Toge return (60 km, Total 130 km, 900 m climbing, 2200 kcal)


Luke was up at 3:30 this morning. That's my asaren out of the window! Still it was raining by around 5:30 so I was glad I didn't get on the bike.

I have a chance to ride the rollers when the kids take a nap later in the morning.

First rollers since the winter. It's nice to see how things are developing. I have lots of speed in my legs now. It's easy to turn 60 kmph.

I do some decent intervals without going anaerobic. All in 50 × 11. All over 60 kmph.

Looks like rain tomorrow too so I might be rolling again....

Sunday: rest day

Monday's training: Rollers

  • warm up x 5 mins
  • 60 kmph x 5 mins (59.6 kmph, 125 HR, 103 cadence)
  • 62 kmph x 5 mins (62.1 kmph, 138 HR, 108 cadence)
  • 60 kmph x 5 mins (59.9 kmph, 135 HR, 105 cadence)
  • 64 kmph x 5 mins (63.7 kmph, 150 HR, 111 cadence)
  • 60 kmph x 5 mins (60.0 kmph, 140 HR, 104 cadence)
  • 66 kmph x 5 mins (66.1 kmph, 164 HR, 115 cadence)
  • warm down x 5 mins

Total: 40 mins


Asaren with Nishihiro san this morning.

We are both hungover after last night's fireworks. To make matters worse, my legs are really sore after carrying Mark up and down Mt. Hachikoku. I have a silght cold. And... It's raining!

We scrap our plans to climb Ogami Dake. A Bunsui loop.

This 100 km loop is our early spring base builder. Today we rotate with speed. My legs are okay at speed. Starting and stopping is painful though. Legless!

I put in a big effort on the climb in Nishiyama. A crazy dog on the descent! Crash number 3!? A lucky escape!

Rain in Teradomari. But it's dry after Izumozaki. We contest the last climb as always. I wait till late. Drafting behind. Drop into a heavy gear. Let a little gap open. Try to come around with speed.

AJ to the top!

With a good training partner, any course is good training. Nishihiro san いつもありがとうじょんのび!

Saturday's training: Road (104 km, 500 m climbing, 35.0 kmph, 133/179 HR, 80 cadence, 1423 kcal)


where's this?!

Thursday's hiking left me with stiff legs today. Today a long ride and a swim down the beach - active recovery じょんのび!

Thursday's training: Mt. Hachikoku hike

Friday's training: Road (95 km, 950 m climbing)


Summer's here and the time is right to raise my game. For the second half of the racing season I will focus on road races. Tough races with some decent climbing:


*14 Maze enduro

*17 じょんのび marathon


*8 Yatsuo Time Trial and Road Race

*21, 22 Gunma CSC JBCF


*19 Japan Cup OR 20 Gunma CSC JCRC (x20 120km)

*27 Wajima RR JBCF OR 27 Giro de Hotaka


*10 Tour of Okinawa 210 km (it's a dream!)

During August I'm going to have a big asaren push. Early morning training. Beat the heat.

I'm also going to bring my weight down to 75 kg (76.6 kg today) . I think this is my most competitive weight. I haven't seen it for a few years!

This morning I hit Isonobe with Nishihiro san. 4th day in a row in the mountains. An Isonobe TT.

  • Isonobe TT (20:15, 5.63 km, 387 m climbing, 175/183 HR, 78 cadence, 16.7 kmph)

Not a bad effort.

We always finish the ride with a sprint. I try to take it on a different way each time. Some fake attacking today. A good win for Nishihiro san though. Once he has a gap, it's difficult to close it!

Wednesday's training: Road (62 km, 720 m climbing)


Climbing at lactate threshold today. There are lots of benefits to this training.

A 20 minute climb such as Isonobe or Yahiko is perfect.

The hard part is getting up to the target HR. Once there it's easy.

I've set up a few screen pages on my Garmin for general use, intervals and hill climbing. On the HC page I can focus on heart rate and cadence. My target is 170 HR / 80 cadence.

  • Isonobe: 170 HR / 80 cadence x 1

The % gradient option is also interesting. On a steep climb like Isonobe, it can help make gear choices:

  • 8~10 % = 34 × 21
  • 10~12 % = 34 × 24
  • 12%+ = 34 × 27

Tuesday's training: Road (80 km, 980 m climbing)


At this time of year, many cyclists are looking to shed that last bit of weight. Me too.

However, strength training is often over looked. It shouldn't be.

SFR. Climbing in a heavy gear. Basically on the bike strength training.

This is not a sufferfest. Not a macho "I climb that one in the big ring!"

There are 2 key points:

1. keep aerobic

This should be easy on the cardio system. Below lactate threshold. Oxygen to the muscles.

For me, 160 HR is the target.

2. keep form

You are targeting cycling muscles. So you want to keep form. No mashing the pedals. The heaviest gear which you can keep good form at.

For me, 50 rpm cadence is the target.

The gear you choose is based on these two key points. Today on Komura Pass I choose gears to mirror the profile.


Steep > average > steep > easy > steep


50×21 > 50×19 > 50×21 > 50×17 > 50X21

The gears are of course different for each rider.

Keep aerobic. Keep form. Get in the zone!

  • Komura Pass - SFR (160 HR / 50 cadence) x 2

Monday's training: Road (88 km)


First dairo of the year. It's almost August!

I used to do this climb all the time. But it's a 120 km round trip. Don't have so much time these days...

The climb itself is similar to Isonobe. It's smoother though. Easier to find a rhythm. Easier to get into the zone.

The big downside to Yahiko is the cars. Racing up the hill. It's scary. On Isonobe you'll never see a car...

A 430 start. Tail wind. 55 km to the base of the climb. 20 degrees but high humidity.

Tighten the shoes a little. Go!

I've got a new Garmin computer. Use a few gears to keep the cadence at 80 rpm.

Heart rate responds well. High 170s. First time I've managed the <<80 rpm / 180 HR combi>> this year.

At this intensity one of two things will limit you:

  • strength in the legs
  • your cardio

Today it's the cardio. Puffing and panting. A good sign.

A steady effort then. But near the top I begin to fade. Left shoe is too tight. Numbness in the lower leg. A head wind too. Can't really put in a last big effort...


20:07. (176 / 183 HR av/max, 79 av cadence). A good time. Confident I can go faster too.

Ride home into a head wind. Feel strong. Always do after a climb of Yahiko.....

Sunday's training: Road (120 km, 1820 kcal, 964 m climbing)


3 climbs of Ishikawa Toge. In the heat. Bike stripped down. Race wheels. No computer or sensors. Feel the climb....

  • climb 1 @ 80% effort
  • climb 2 @ 80% effort
  • climb 3 SFR (50 × 21)

Friday's training: Road (60 km)


Caught out in the rain again today. I don't mind it really. It's cool. Nothing to do but put your head down. Ride hard. Attack the climbs. Careful on the descents....

Thursday's training: Road (45 km)

justwhat.jpg A visit to the hospital yesterday. I work part-time for Niigata National Hospital. The top doctors Nakajima Sensei and Kanaya Sensei are keen to check out my injuries.

The stitches will come out next week. Not too much discomfort. Free to ride.

A wet commute and 2h in the pool.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Monday & Tuesday: rest

Wednesday's training:

  • Road: 45 km
  • Swim: 2h


I like this course. A series of climbs mean that usually a select group of 10 to 15 finish together. A further 20 to 30 will finish after that. The rest will miss the time cut aka DNF.

I've always done well here. Even after a day on the beer at a wedding in Sendai the day before….


A decent warm up. After two days of rest the sensations are good. Heart rate responds well.


13:02 start. 180 riders (E3). 29 degrees.

I hope to get near the front by the top of the first climb. Stay there as the climbs break down the field.


A big pack. It’s fast. Right turn. The first climb. A big effort. But there’s little room to move. The lead motor bike is still holding the pace.

A fast descent. The 90 degree right hander. Safely through here.

The next 90 degree right hander. There’s always crashes here. Sure enough. One on the inside. One on the outside too. Muppets!

Crashes, like climbs, thin the field. It takes a big effort here to get through the crash, up the climb and back onto the lead group. HR is over 180. Out of the saddle. Big ring.

A rolling section. Really fast. E3 is the fastest of all 4 races. Into the sweeping descent and we’re well over 70 kmph.

The road bears left. Not too technical. You can keep the speed.

Then it narrows. Bends to the right. The bunch closes up. And….

About 4 riders in front. I can see him so clearly. He locks up. Swaying left and right. Which way will he fall?

1,2,3 riders go down. I try to go round. But there’s nowhere to go. Up against the guard rail.

For a moment I think I’ve saved it. But then I’m aware I’m going over the edge. How far down? Shit! 2 metres and it would have been my head. Luckily it was more. I spin over once. Land on my arse!

Me and another guy in the ditch. Adrenalin takes over. I try to climb the wall. Useless. I see him running to the bottom of the slope. I follow. Hop back over the guard rail.

Back up the road. There are marshals now. Trying to organize the chaos. About 5 guys on the ground. Find my bike. Put the chain back on. Cursing all the way. Pull the brake arches back in line. A marshal says to wait for an ambulance. But I’m determined to ride.

On the bike. The front mech is knackered. Stuck in the small ring. Everyone is far up the road now. Through the village. The long climb back to the start/goal. Look down. No computer! Bollocks!

U-turn. Back to the crash site. The old ladies on the course tell me “you’re going the wrong way!”, which brings me out of my rage. Calm down a little.

No computer to be found. Hop into the wagon with the other crashers. The guy who went down first looks in a real bad way. Paramedics are waiting at the start/goal area.


I have a deep cut, about 15 cm in length on my leg. I know it’ll need stitches. Get it cleaned up and head for the hospital. The JBCF send us all to the wrong hospital. They won’t accept us. Just like that. “They phoned us. But we can’t accept you”. Cheers!

A few phone calls. Head to the hospital in Koriyama city. The hospital staff are great. Anesthetic. Stitches. A drip. In and out quicker than you can get a haircut!

There you go. About 6 kms of madness!

We had a great 3 days away in Fukushima. Fun-filled. A bike race is just a bike race. The disappointment and anger subside quickly. Time for a beer….


A commute on Wednesday. Legs feel heavy in the heat. Take it easy.

Asaren with Nishihiro san on Thursday. On the road at 445, it's much more comfortable.

One last chance to push it. Attack the three climbs. A sprint at the end.

A commute too. Again in the heat. Again take it easy. 50 km takes it up to 110 km for the day.

Time to rest up now....

Wednesday's training: Road (50 km)

Thursday's training: Road (110 km)


Another hot day today. I tried to find some wind on the coast.

With the wind on my back some intervals:

  • 45 s hard / 90 s easy x 10

Outer top. Out of the saddle. In the drops. Feel the burn for the last 10 seconds.

U-turn. A head wind now. The kind of wind that drains you. The kind of heat that makes you dream of ice cream....

Tuesday's training: Road (75 km)


I've been using the じょんのび marathon course to prepare for next Sunday's JBCF Ishikawa Road Race.

Ups, downs, no flats.

Last week I was doing 23~24 minute laps.

Today I push a little harder. Not quite race pace. 80~90 % effort.

The heart rate responds well. 170+ over each climb. I feel good climbing. And cruise on the descents.

The main obstacle today is the weather. 31 C av and high humidity.

  • Lap 1 (21:34, 144 / 172 HR, 170 m climbing)

On the second lap I try to dig a little deeper. Again feel good on the climbs. But a dropped chain on the steepest climb costs me 10 to 20 seconds.

  • Lap 2 (21:04 , 150 / 174 HR, 170 m climbing)

Good sendations ahead of Sunday's race...

Monday's training: Road (55 km)


Asaren with Nishihiro san today. Last week's double loop of Mt. Kurohime. Plus the steep climb up and over Shiba Pass.

A rest day yesterday. The heart rate responds well today.

Lots of climbs on this course. My plan is to attack the top of each climb. Full gas to the summit.

First climb - Nakayama Pass. I'm at 178 HR. Nishihiro san on my wheel. Kick out of the saddle. 183 HR over the top.

Similar efforts on each climb after that.

The steep concrete climb up to Shiba Toge is a real leg burner.

The usual sprint finish too. Great training.


Saturday's training: Road (115 km, 1300 m climbing, 140 / 183 HR)


The forecast said rain. But it didn't rain all day.

Sunny. 30 C+. And the first real humid day of the year.

Not great riding conditions. But it will be like this at Ishikawa RR next weekend.

2 laps of the じょんのび marathon course.

Thursday's training: Road (60 km)

During the working week, most of my training is commuting. With a bit extra thrown in.

In terms of quality, there's nothing like asaren though.

A 500 start with Nishihiro san. The Takayanagi loop (60 km).

Nishihiro san is strong today. He matches me on all the climbs.

We always sprint for the finish line. Today I take him by surprise. Attack from a long way out. Out of the saddle. In the drops. 50 kmph.

It's too far though. I can see him coming.

Out of the saddle. I fake a second attack. But he won't be put off........

Great training as always. Add on a 70 km commute in the rain and that's 130 km for the day.

Wednesday's training: Road (130 km)

5 climbs of the small rindo up to Hotel Rara today. Starting and finishing at the 2 ponds.

  • climb 1 - TT (4:04)
  • climb 2 - TT (4:12)
  • climb 3 - intervals 30 s hard / 60 s easy x3
  • climb 4 - intervals 30 s hard / 60 s easy x3
  • climb 5 - SFR (50×21)

The intervals are particularly tough. 60 s isn't long enough to recover before going again...

Tuesday's training: Road (50 km)


In June my training focussed on hillclimbing in preparation for Tsugaike HC. And then time trialling in preparation for Uchinada.

Next up is the JBCF Ishikawa Road Race in two weeks time.

An up-down course. With some tight corners. This requires explosiveness.

From now my training will focus on:

  • rolling terrain and attacking the climbs
  • intervals
  • riding in the heat

Two laps of the じょんのび marathon course today. Short steep climbs. Long sweeping descents. The intervals come naturally...

Monday's training: Road (56 km)



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