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Another great training ride with the guys from Team Fins today.

A 500 start. Nishihiro san and I ride out to meet the guys at Teradomari. The wind is coming from different directions. A nice pace.

Here they come. U-turn. Back down the coast. Through and off. Good pace.

I'm concious of not pulling for too long. Wave the next rider through.

  • Today's course: Teradomari return + Takayanagi loop.

I know these roads inside out.

As we enter the hills I'm keen to know how my climbing is. No drafting now. A chance to drop the hammer.

A heavyish gear. The HR responds well on Nakayama Pass. And again on the climb up to the tunnel. I crest each climb with Hayakawa san. He's strong. Good company.

The rolling section after Ishiguro. I love this stretch. It's all about momentum. Drill it all the way.

After Takayanagi a chance to rotate once more. Really fast now. 45 ~ 50 kmph. This is great training.

A hard pull. Peel off. Count the riders coming past. A sprint to get back on.

I say my goodbyes at the 7-11 in Yasuda. 145 kms on the clock. Great training!

Sunday's training: Road: (145 km, 1000 m climbing)


A sudden change in the weather. Still nice and warm when the sun is out but....

Caught out in the rain on Thursday. Just a commute. Really cold on the way home. I put on my work clothes over my cycling clothes. Brrrrrrrrr

Thursday's training: Road (40 km)

On the road at 5am this morning. Long sleeve autumn jersey. Leg warmers. But it still feels cold. Head into the hills. Into the mist. 7 or 8 degrees! A Takayanagi loop with cold fingers...

Later in the morning I have a couple of hours to myself. The Senda loop. Like British summer now. Mid 20s! Perfect cycling weather!

Friday's training: Road (130 km, 1300 m climbing)

Most cyclists look forward to the weekends to get some time in on the bike.

In my case, I often get more riding done on weekdays. Asaren and commuting.

On Tuesday, a 5am start. Sunrise on Isonobe. Tempo pace after Saturday's race.

On the way home, the Takayangi TT:
  • Takayanagi TT 20:36, 40.1 kmph

Later a Nishiyama commute.

Tuesday's training: Road (110 km)

Another 5 am start on Wednesday. This time sunrise on Komura Pass. Always love it when the sun pops up behind the mountains in the distance.

Intervals today:

Standard intervals get the blood pumping.

  • climb 1 - 30 s hard / 90 s easy x 10 sets

Descending intervals are good fun. At first it's the work interval that hurts. Later it's the shorter rest that is the killer.

  • climb 2 - 70 s / 70 s; 60 / 60; 50 / 50; 40 / 40; 30 / 30; 20 / 20; 10 / 10

Criss cross intervals are also good. The first one is always the hardest. After that the HR rises and falls quickly:

  • climb 3 - 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross x 10

Later another Nishiyama commute.

Wednesday's training: Road (95 km)


Gunma CSC this weekend. A shortish 56 km (9 laps) race for the E3 category. Starting on Sunday afternoon. In the middle of a 3 day camping weekend in the beautiful Gunma mountains.

I feel I have excellent form. A day off on Friday and Saturday and I'm raring to go. 2 climbs of the hill for a warm up. About 5km from bottom to top. Gradually winding up the heart rate. Good sensations.

134 starters. Most of the first lap is neutralized. It's still nervous with a big group though. My position is not good. Need to race more. About 100 back.

Up front I can see Umiguchi san and Yuma san. I need to be up there. Still I know this course well and I know where to move up.

The flag drops. Race time. Not too high a pace. Move up a few places on the climb. Not much room to manoeuvre though.

2nd lap. Feeling good through the rolling section. The sweeping right hander before the climb and... disaster.

A big crash up front. Going up hill on the right hand curve. Why is there a crash here? Anyone's guess!

About 50 riders go clear. The crash forces the remaining 80 to stop. A standstill. Un clip. Try to find a way through.

The race is gone up the road. Chase time!

As a group, the E3 guys go as fast as the Pros (38.5 kmph on this course). Individually or in small groups though.... Catch the group? Some of these guys couldn't catch a bus!

The frustration as I jump from one small group to another. "You've got to close the gap!" Nobody strong enough? Willing enough?

I find myself chasing a group of 50 on my own. A solo ride! It's not rocket science. I know I need to average 39 kmph to catch them. Unlikely I know! But maybe, just maybe, there'll be another crash. Or some strong guys will fall off the back.

Someone is shouting time splits at the top of the climb. As each lap passes, the gap is getting bigger.

After the frustration dies down I start to enjoy the ride. Wave to the kids each lap. I'm going to put it all out on the road today.

Sure enough I pick up 2 guys along the way. Yoshida san dropped a chain on the climb. He does a few pulls. Then Ohira san who is keen to rotate. Nice guys. But the pace isn't fast enough. I do the pulling.

On the last lap, I look back to see the chase group approaching. A group of about 25. No time for messing about! Full gas all the way! At last a bit of excitement!

Over the line in 43rd place. 3:30 off the top time. 37 kmph.


A crash at Ishikawa, the cancellation of Yatsuo, and now this. I'm disappointed because I have good form and can't show it. Still it's only a bike race!

The positives to be taken?

  • I didn't give up
  • The front group of 40 could only put 3:30 seconds into me over 7 laps or 30 seconds a lap
  • I could hold off the chase group
  • I felt strong to the end - could've done 10 more laps!

Next up? The Japan Cup! Time to start training!

Friday / Saturday: rest day

Sunday: race

Monday: rest day

Early in summer Nishihiro san had a mechanical problem and was stuck in one gear. That morning we rode a flattish loop in a single gear and realised what great training it is.

More single speed training this morning.

It's important to choose a gear that's not too heavy.

On the way out. The wind on our backs. We are over 40 kmph. Cadence above 100 rpm.

Out of the saddle on the steeper climbs. Grinding it on the less steep ones.

Back on the coast. A head wind. Still a nice high cadence of around 90 rpm.

This kind of training simulates the cadence of racing (always higher than training). It's also good for pedaling form. And with no rest, it tires you out in a different way to regular riding...

Later a commute. On asaren days, commutes are tempo "cool down" rides. Sit up, spin, loosen the muscles...

Thursday's training: Road (105 km, 750 m climbing)


Autumn's here. In the daytime, temperatures are in the mid-20s. Perfect cycling weather. Temperatures are in the mid-10s at 5 in the morning though. An undershirt and arm warmers are necessary.

The Takayanagi loop on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Solo on Tuesday. A few more kilometres added on with my commute...

Tuesday's training: Road (90 km, 950 m climbing)

With Nishihiro san today. Always ride harder when you have company. 170 HR on the climbs. A 20 minute TT effort on the way home.

  • Takayanagi TT (19:41, 42.8 kmph, 89 cadence)

The pressure of Nishihiro san on my wheel keeps me going. Grind it at 80 rpm or spin it at 90? 90 is perhaps best and then grind if for the last few kilometres. With Nishihiro san coming up the side we cross the line at 50 kmph. Thank you for the pressure!

Another commute helps to put 100 km on the clock...

Wednesday's training: Road (100 km, 850 m climbing)


Today's typhoon affected most of Japan. Heavy rain. Strong winds. But sunny days are forecast all next week. I'd planned on a rest day today.

Breakfast. A morning bath with the kids. Massage. Stretch. Recovery.

In the afternoon, nap time. Nap with the kids? Rollers?

Why not?! No need for a fan today. With the wind it's difficult to even get a sweat on. Rain blasting from the side too. Bike handling training!

After 2 hard days, I work on leg speed today:

  • warm up x 5 mins
  • 110 cadence x 5 mins
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins
  • 110 cadence x 5 mins
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins
  • 110 cadence x 5 mins
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins
  • warm down x 5 mins

In the 50 × 12 gear, the speed is around 58 kmph & 60 kmph for the 2 intervals. The HR in the 140s.

It's nice to spin and listen to music...

Monday's training: Rollers (40 mins)


On the road a 4am this morning. I decide to take the coast road. Once out of town it's pitch black. Not even the light of the moon. Crashing waves. Strong wind. The odd spot of rain. Scary!

I meet up with Team Fins' Ito san, Adachi san and Hayakawa san in Bunsui (55 km). A four man group.

Back down the coast. Pull the whole way on the front. Pancake flat. No climbing. But no rest either. I can keep it above 40 kmph most of the way.

It's raining. But the kind of rain that speeds you up. Rather than slows you down.

For me personally, pulling 3 guys is great training. I want this kind of effort to simulate breaking away at Gunma CSC next weekend. That's my plan. And the signals are good.

As a group though, quick rotations would be better as these guys get ready for the 210 km Tour of Okinawa. Still they have the chance to do this as we part ways like yesterday and they head into the mountains. 172 km at 35 kmph + apparently!

For me, 115 clicks on the clock. Home before 730! Everyone is still in bed. Time to get the kettle on...

Saturday's training: Road (115km, 600 m climbing)

full gas.jpg

A 12 man group ride today.

On the road at 430 to the start point in Bunsui. 45 km solo. Good pace.

Ride back the same way. Try to pull on the front for as long as possible. 175 HR / 90 cadence the target.

Great training. I feel great. Like I could drive it forever...

But at Nishiyama they head inland for a mountain adventure. I head home for breakfast. Content with a great workout.

Saturday's training: Road (90 km, 400 m climbing)


5 am start this morning. I was planning on a Takayanagi loop but find myself turning right for Komura Pass.

I want to do 3 climbs at LT 170 HR.

However, it's clear on the first climb that the HR won't respond. Strength training for the next 2 climbs.

  • climb 1 - 160 HR keep
  • climb 2 - SFR sitting
  • climb 3 - SFR standing

A rest day tomorrow. A group ride on Saturday.

Thursday's training: Road (75 km, 950 m climbing)


3 hard training days since Sunday. I was asleep by 9 pm on Tuesday night.

I wake up naturally at 4 am for asaren on Wednesday morning. But decide on a couple more hours in bed.

Just a commute. Tempo pace.

Wednesday's training: Road (50 km, 300 m climbing)


Excellent training yesterday.

Asaren with Nishihiro san in the morning. Autumn is here. Nice and cool. Perfect cycling weather.

A Takayanagi loop. My legs are heavy after 1000 m of hard climbing yesterday.

Sprint for the top of the two climbs. No HRM today. But it's a hard effort each time.

From the top of the 2nd climb, through the rolling hills to Takayanagi, I pull on the front.

The last 22 km home. I go as hard as I can. Still on the front. 40, 41, 42 kmph. Nishihiro comes onto the front a few times. I have to sprint to grab his wheel 45, 46, 47, 48 kmph. He's like a motorbike! Great training.

The goal sprint. I ride his wheel. Then ride up beside him for the last 300 m. Shadow his accelerations. Psychological warfare! One big push for the line!

(Asaren 60 km)

Later a commute plus alpha:


  • 30 s hard / 60 s easy x 3
  • 35 s hard / 70 s easy x 3
  • 40 s hard / 80 s easy x 3
  • 60 s hard x 1

High cadence:

  • 100 rpm target x 20 mins (20 mins, 98 rpm, 142 HR, 41.5 kmph)

(Commute, 75 km)

Tuesday's training: Road (135 km 900 m climbing)


With one eye on the Japan Cup, some hill repeats today.

You have to climb the big hill 5 times in this race. 4 climbs of Ishikawa Pass today.

I aim for a constant effort each time. 170 HR target.

  • climb 1 (167 HR, 11:51, 17.5 kmph, 79 rpm)
  • climb 2 (167 HR, 12:15, 16.9 kmph, 78 rpm)
  • climb 3 (166 HR, 12:13, 17.1 kmph, 76 rpm)
  • climb 4 (166 HR, 12:24, 16.7 kmph, 75 rpm)

Monday's training: Road (57 km, 1100 m climbing)


Yatsuo TT ad RR this weekend. 3rd in the TT last year. 4th in the RR - I broke away with Nakai san but couldn't keep going till the end...

This year I got myself ready. 3 long rides early in the week. And then:

Thursday: rest

Friday: Road (30 km spinning)

Saturday: rest

Add to this lots of sleep, good food, stretching and massage, and I was raring to go.

Sunday morning. Race day. On the road at 330 am. Heavy heavy rain. I thought about turning back a few times. But I remember last year's Hotaka when I decided against going only for the race to be held....

A 3 hour drive. Heavy rain at the start area. Lots of water and sand on the course. It's up and down, up and down, with several technical corners. It has to be cancelled.

But to get in the car and just drive home?

I ask around. The HTCC team including Nakai san are happy to ride. A training ride. Hard on the climbs. Easy on the dangerous sections. Non-riders set up the tent and get the BBQ going. 7 in the morning!

I enjoy riding with Nakai san. He's strong and fast. I follow his wheel on the climbs. Try to show my strength on the rolling back straight.

The 60 mm GS Astuto wheels are great here. Take the momentum from the downhill. Push it into the uphill.

Our plan was to escape on the 4th lap. Both on good form. I think we could have pulled it off.

6 laps together (race distance). 4 more on my own.

Nakai san, HTCC, また一緒に走りましょう!

Sunday's training: Yatsuo RR course x 10 laps (90 km)


60 km asaren.

60 km commuting.

Over 300 km in the last 3 days.

A race on Sunday.

Time to rest, eat, stretch, massage...

Wednesday's training: Road (122 km, 850 m climbing)

dry morning.jpg

At last a dry morning. Asaren with Nishihiro san. Asaren is still the best training as the day time is still too hot.

We head to Isonobe. I plan to do a full TT effort to Takayanagi. This is preparation for Yatsuo TT.

It is slightly uphill all the way. A head wind too. 38, 39 kmph. HR 165 plus.

I lose focus a couple of times. Nishihiro san comes to the front. Gets us back up to speed. And I go again.

At the foot of the climb my legs are gone. My turn to put the pressure on now. I sit on his wheel all the way to the top. He loses momentum on the steeper parts. An extra gear on the back? Still the pressure of my shadow helps him to get a new PB. おめでとうじょんのび!

On the ride back another TT. The HR doesn't respond after 2 hard efforts. I'm flying though. Enjoying the pressure of Nishihiro san sitting on my wheel.

  • 20:06, 13.88 km, 41.4 kmph, 152 HR, 82 cadence.

Later I commute to Nishiyama. A headwind. A heavy backpack. Hot, hot, hot...... On the way home, another wet one. Wet, wet, wet.....

Tuesday's training: Road (108 km, 750 m climbing)


Another asaren cancelled due to rain. Summer's gone!

A commute. Crazy rain on the way home. The wind took off my sunglasses!

Once you are wet, you are wet. I decide to clock up a few kms at tempo pace.

We are lucky to live here. Quiet roads. No cars. No traffic lights. Nothing to get in the way when the brakes don't work...

Monday's training: Road (77 km, 750 m climbing)


A long ride planned today. Mt. Yahiko. But heavy rain means cancelled asaren.

The next plan was some motor pacing in the afternoon with an onsen finish. But the rain wouldn't stop...

Rollers then! I've done the training. Got good legs. You can always work on leg speed though.

50 × 12 gear:

  • warm up x 5 mins
  • 110 cadence x 5 mins (110 rpm, 141 HR, 53 kmph)
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins (113 rpm, 155 HR, 59 kmph)
  • 105 cadence x 5 mins (105 rpm, 145 HR, 55 kmph)
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins (113 rpm, 158 HR, 59 kmph)
  • 105 cadence x 5 mins (104 rpm, 149 HR, 55 kmph)
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins (113 rpm, 161 HR, 59 kmph)
  • 105 cadence x 5 mins (104 rpm, 149 HR, 55 kmph)
  • 115 cadence x 5 mins (113 rpm, 162 HR, 59 kmph)
  • warm down x 5 mins

And an onsen finish at salt spa...

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's training: Rollers (1h)



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