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Food, booze, food, booze....

Wednesday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins

*120 cadence x 30 mins
*SFR 60 cadence x 30 mins
*150 HR / 90 cadence x 30 mins

Thursday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins (150 HR / 100 cadence)

Monday: jet lag = 2 am wake up, 3 am breakfast, 4 am turbo trainer, 6 am Christmas shopping...

*pyramids x 40 mins
*LT intervals x 5
*150 HR / 100 cadence x 30 mins

Monday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins

Christmas Eve: turn the lights off. turn the computer off. turn the volume up. ride to the music ....

Tuesday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins

Never say "I don't have time to train". An hour a day is all you need.

In Tokyo, the hotel has a gym and an aerobike. A night time session. An early morning session.

Back in the UK, the weather is good. Lots of people out riding. But the days are short. Light between 8 AM and 4 PM. This is the time to be playing (drinking?). Asaren on the turbo trainer then....

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday's training: aerobike x 50 mins (350 watts, 182 HR max)

Friday's training: aerobike x 50 mins (300n watts, 170 HR max)

Saturday's training: trainer x 90 mins (140 to 150 HR)

Sunday's training: trainer x 60 mins (150 HR / 100 cadence)


Tomorrow we'll head to Tokyo and on Friday to the UK.

The last two days of training in Kashiwazaki this year. It's all about volume.

Monday's training:

  • Stepping machine (level 20 × 80 mins)
  • Rollers (90 mins)

Tuesday's training:

  • Swim (100 laps, 2.5 km)
  • Rollers (90 mins)

First snow shoe of the off-season. Two peaks of Mt. Hachikoku with Nishihiro san. About 60 cm of fresh snow on the top. Working on strength and stamina. The ultimate cross training tool.

I got up at 5am for another snow shoe on Sunday. A hangover. Crazy winds. The bed wins.

The wind is still crazy tonight on the balcony. Icy cold too. Still it's good motivation.

Saturday's training:
Snow shoe (2h 45)

Sunday's training:
Free squats x 1000
Rollers (90 mins)


The snow came as expected.

It's bitterly cold on the balcony. 1 or 2 degrees. But the gale force wind makes it feel colder.

I'm enjoying long roller rides recently. A nice way to keep base fitness before we head to the UK for Christmas.

Thursday's training: Rollers (1h 45 mins)

Friday's training: Rollers (1h 30 mins)


Tuesday's training:

  • Stepping machine (level 20 × 60 mins)
  • Rollers (upper tempo x 90 mins)

Wednesday's training:

  • Stepping machine (level 20 × 45 mins)
  • Rollers (upper tempo x 30 mins)
  • Free squats x 800

A chance to ride on Monday. No point doing anything hard in December. But I do a quick ride up Nakayama Toge just to see how I'm going. It's about 13% in the middle. I feel fine. But there's a lack of speed which is to be expected.

At night another long session on the rollers. The HR is generally in the 130~140 HR range for the duration. More youtube. Tempo stuff.

Monday's training:

  • Road (45 km)
  • Rollers (90 mins)
the way to roll.jpg

No chance to ride this weekend. No chance to cross train either. However,there are always rollers!

I was watching Eddie Merckx on the rollers the other night. The way he grinds it up gradually.

I was talking to Enosan about it too. How many people make the mistake of going too hard all the time. The difference between on-season and off-season training.

And then I was reading Nishihiro san's blog about how Murayama san follows a similar strategy.

Two nights on the rollers then. Watching videos on youtube. Let the HR rise naturally. No computer on Saturday. On Sunday, let the HR rise up to around 150 HR for the second half.

Saturday's training:

  • Rollers (1h, upper tempo)

Sunday's training:

  • Rollers (1h, upper tempo)
  • Free squats x 1000

Ideally my tempo work or endurance work is done cross training. The basis of winter training.

No chance to cross train these last few days. I chose longer roller sessions of less intensity. It's nice to watch cycling videos on youtube for a change.

Thursday's training:

  • Rollers (upper tempo x 90 mins)
  • Free squats x 800

Friday's training:

  • Rollers (upper tempo x 60 mins)

Not many days like this in December!

A commute. Topped up with a long tempo ride on the rollers.

On the road I notice a loss of top end fitness. Especially on the climbs. Not to worry. Now is the time for base training.

Wednesday's training:

  • Road (55 km)
  • Rollers (90 mins tempo)

No chance to ride outside until Wednesday.

Still some good cross training on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday's training:

  • Stepping machine (80 mins, 1600 m climbing)
  • Rollers (150 HR x 25 mins, 160 HR x 20 mins)

Tuesday's training:

  • Swim (80 laps, 2 km)
  • Rollers (150 HR x 30 mins, 160 HR x 10 mins, LT intervals x 5)
  • Free Squats x 800

A boozy weekend. Night time training shifts to asaren.

Two early morning rollers. Saturday push hard. Sunday burn off a hangover.

Another week of base work planned...

Friday: rest day

Saturday's training:

  • Rollers (150 HR x 45 mins, 140~170 criss cross intervals x5) 60 mins

Sunday's training:

  • Rollers (150 HR x 45 mins)
  • free squats x 1000



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