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Riding in the rain? In January? A 39 year old? It's about as hardcore as it gets!

80 wet kilometres. Will this make me stronger? Who knows....

A night time roller session brings the kilometres up to a virtual 140 km.

Thursday's training:

  • Road (80 km)
  • Rollers (150 HR) x 80 mins
Chance to hit the road this week.

Monday was a sunny day but snow overnight forced me to take the car. Some stepping and rollers at night.

Clear skies on Tuesday make for a very cold morning. Still great to be on the bike though. Strong wind and rain on the way home. I warm myself up with some hill climb repeats near home.

Wednesday was cold again. But commuting to Nishiyama gives me a chance to knock up some miles. Add to this a session on the rollers at night and it's a good piece of training (100 virtual kms).

Monday's training:
  • Stepping machine (approx 150 HR) x 70 mins
  • Rollers (150 HR) x 90 mins

Tuesday's training:

Road (Shindou SFR hill repeats x 7) (50 km)

Wednesday's training:

  • Road (55 km)
  • Rollers (150 HR) x 70 mins
group ride.jpg

The strange spring like weather continued into Saturday. The power of facebook got a group of 7 on the road.

Even in the rain it's warm enough. Through and off. Easy on the back. 160 ~ 170 HR on the front. 180 HR + on the climbs.

This is the type of training we should be doing in March / April to get ready for the JCRC & JBCF races at Gunma CSC.

Of course it hurts in January!

Saturday's training: Road (106 km, 510 m climbing)

Sunday's training: free squats x 800


First ride on the road in a while. The coast is the place to be. Feel the benefits of lots of roller time this winter. Cruising along nicely.

A chance meeting with Kenta in Teradomari. Chance to test the legs. Into a headwind. 38 kmph / 170 HR. Not bad for January.

Later 5 x SFR climbs (50 × 12) behind the power station.

Friday's training: Road (80 km, 650 m climbing)


Snow shoeing, stepping, football, swimming. It's all about variety and volume in the winter. The snow stopped today though. Chance for a quick spin on the road tomorrow????

Tuesday's training:

  • swim x 120 laps (3 km)
  • rollers (150 HR) x 90 mins

Wednesday's training:

  • football (2 h)

Thursday's training:

  • rollers (150 HR) x 90 mins

A few days off the bike. Cross training. In January it's all about volume. Putting the time in.

Friday's training:

  • stepping machine x 45 mins

Saturday's training:

  • snow shoe x 2.5 h

Sunday's training:

  • snow shoe x 2.5 h

Monday's training:

  • stepping machine x 80 mins
  • rollers (150 HR) x 90 mins

Back in Japan now. I took a few days off. Travelling, the time difference and the a shift to night time training. It's all tiring on the body. A bit of a cold too.

I got back into the training groove from Tuesday.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: rest

Tuesday's training:

  • swim x 2 km
  • free squats x 800

Wednesday's training:

  • stepping machine x 60 mins
  • rollers (150 HR) x 90 mins

Thursday's training:

  • stepping machine x 60 mins
  • rollers (no comp) x 60 mins

Last turbo trainer session this morning. I was tempted to stay in bed. But with a couple of days travelling in front of me I wanted to have one last fling.

A good block of training. 3 weeks in the garage. 2 days off. 2 days running. Looking forward to getting out on the snow shoes....

Friday's training: turbo trainer x 60 m (upper tempo)

Wednesday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins

pyramids x 40 mins
criss cross 140 ~ 170 HR x 5
150 HR / 100 cadence x 30 mins

Thursday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins

sfr 60 CADENCE X 30 MINS

3 weeks of UK asaren turbo training is coming to an end. Back in Japan I'm looking forward to snow shoeing, swimming, football, stepping, strength work....

But I've enjoyed getting up before the kids every day. In the garage. Get the training done before the day begins. Burning off the previous night's booze and food.

Saturday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins (no computer)

Sunday: rest day (hang over)

Monday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins (150 HR / 100 cadence)

Tuesday's training: turbo trainer x 90 mins (120 / 60 / 100 cadence x 30 mins)

Thursday's training:

LT work - asaren turbo trainer x 90 mins

pyramid intervals x 40 mins
LT intervals 140 ~ 170 HR x 5
150 HR / 100 cadence x 30 mins

Friday's training:

leg work -asaren turbo trainer x 90 mins

inner 3 × 120 cadence (30 mins)
outer top x 60 cadence (30 mins)
inner 7 × 100 cadence (30 mins)

It's important to enter the new year with a bit of exercise. 2nd 6am start in a row. Along the blustery North Sea Coast. North yesterday up to the Island Lighthouse. South this morning to the castle and priory at Tynemouth.

Saturday's training: turbo trainer (pyramids, LT x 5, 150 HR) (90 mins)

Sunday's training: turbo trainer - 150 HR / 100 cadence (90 mins)

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday's training: Run (90 mins)

Wednesday's training: Run (90 mins)



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