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Another road + rollers double.

On the coast. Tempo pace after yesterday's effort. Around 120 HR. Swirling winds keep me in the drops.

On the rollers. Slowly build to 145 ~ 150 HR. Paris~Roubaix on youtube. My kinda race!

A virtual 140 km.

Friday's training:

  • Road (75 km, 500 m climbing)
  • Rollers x 90 mins

Some hard training today. Light rain. Intervals on the coast.

In the drops. Out of the saddle. 50 × 12. Full gas for 30 seconds.

Sit down. 50 × 13. Full gas for 30 more seconds.

10 sets. These are hard. I can feel the fatigue on the last few.

Next up 50 × 12 SFR. In the drops. 30 minutes. Concentrate on smooth pedaling.

Riding the flat it's important to try a few things to get more out of training.

At night on the rollers the virtual distance adds up to 110 km.

Thursday's training:

  • Road Intervals

1 min hard (30 s standing / 30 s sitting) / 3 mins easy x 10
SFR x 30 mins

(80 km, 450 m climbing)

  • Rollers x 45 mins

A wet day yesterday. Steps and rollers.

A potentially beautiful day today. But it's spoiled by pollution crossing the Japan Sea from China.

Often this is "kousa" or yellow sand from the deserts. But today is chemical pollution from the factories. We are told to stay indoors, wear a mask if we have to go outside and don't, DON'T, exercise outside.

I commuted by bike. I wore a face mask. Common in Japan. But I doubt its effectiveness. Still better than nothing.

At night? Cancel rollers on the veranda. Beer o'clock!

Tuesday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 80 mins
  • Rollers x 90 mins

Wednesday's training:

  • Road 45 km

A beautiful day today. More sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday?

Yesterday's group ride was a chance to check myself. Where I'm at as we enter spring. One thing I want to improve on is strength through the pedal stroke.

Rollers are great for endurance, leg speed and pedaling efficiency.

My strength work has largely been free squats and the stepping machine. This targets the correct muscles. And I think I've gained strength this winter - particularly in core muscles.

But you need these muscles to work in harmony. Time for some low cadence work. Outer top gear.

50 × 12 is my lowest gear today. Keep in the drops to bring all the muscles into play.

30 minutes with a tailwind. Cadence 65 ~70. Nice high speed.

30 minutes into a head wind. Cadence around 55. Concentrate on pedaling form. The heart rate is low. The going is easy.

At night the usual 90 mins @ 150 HR.

A virtual 120 km for the day.

Monday's training:

  • Road (SFR x 60 mins, total 65 km, 550 m climbing)
  • Rollers x 90 mins

Winter is coming to an end. This is when the weather is really unpredictable. Snow showers. Cold winds.

A 5:20 am start. Thanks to facebook, 7 riders on the road.

Teradomari return x2.

The first leg is unpredictable like the weather. Fast pulls. Slow pulls. Long pulls. Short pulls. Everyone trying to show their form. Each turn on the front is like an interval. 188 HR for the sprint on the climb.

The second leg is more organised. Through and off. 20 seconds on the front. 30 seconds as the group gets smaller. Keeping the HR in the zone. This is better training for February.

The last 20 kms are hard. The sign of a good training session. Enough but not too much...

Friday's training: Rollers x 90 mins

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's training: Road (130 km, 600 m climbing)



JCRC群馬CSC、 Sクラス (60 キロ, 10 周)   前に二人逃げていたので、8周目にその二人に追いつくためにアタックしました。しかし、9周目をラストラップだと勘違いしてゴールスプリントしてしまいました!…もう一周ありました…   
結果: 4位.

JBCF群馬CSC、 E3 クラス(36 キロ, 6周)   200 人の選手がスタートしました。 前のレースと同じく残り2周(4週目)でアタックしました。トップグループから一周ソロで逃げました。でも残念ながら5週目のヘアピンでグループに食べられてしまった。   
結果: 22位

 東京~糸魚川 (304 キロ)。 毎年楽しみにしている大会です。 スタートからゴールまでチームメート大東さんと走りました。
結果:1位 (304 キロ, 8:49, 34.44 kmph)

JBCF栂池ヒルクライム E3 クラス  55~56分が目標でしたが、 残念ながら60分でした。まあ、がんばりました…やっぱりヒルクライムで良い勝負したいならもっと特定のトレーニングが必要だと思います。(とくに年をとったら倍!)

 内灘TTT,TT&RR  レースの一週間前にクラッシュしてしまいました。僕のせいで3人の友達もクラッシュしてしまい、本当に申し訳なかったです。 今までこのレースは楽しんで走っていましたが、今回は残念ながらメンタルとフィジカルコンデションが良くなかった。TTTは着いていけませんでした。これもまた申し訳なかったです。 TTはまあまあでした。RRも後ろから落ちてしまいました。今年はリベンジします! 結果:TTT (8位、ありがとう!), TT (49位, 15:07 ), RR (62位)

JBCF石川ロードレース  ひさしぶりに参加しました。なかなか良い勝負ができるかなと思っていました。一周目の早い下りで目の前でクラッシュがありました。止まれると思ったのですが、間に合わずガードレールの外に飛びだしました。足にホチキスが必要でした。

 間瀬エンデューロ  ひさしぶりに夏トレーニングができたおかげで調子が良かったです。大東さんと柳さんと3人チームでした。3人のAJのかげで良いレースでした。

 じょんのび110キロマラソン  村山さん、田崎さん、チームフィンズ!レースじゃないけど皆さんが頑張って走りました。

 八尾 TT&RR   大雨で中止になりました。残念。

JBCF群馬CSC (56 キロ, 9 週)   2周目の上りでクラッシュの後ろにいたので、トップグループから切れてしまいました。石川と同じくポジションが悪かったのもありました。その後の7周はほとんどソロで走りました。一人としてのペースは良かったけどまたまた残念なレースでした。

 ジャパンカップオープンレース   このレースの雰囲気がいいですね! トップグループで一周以上できました!今までのベストリザルト!今年は2周勝負したい!

 群馬CSC5時間エンデューロ   西広さんと二人チーム。 冬のスノーシューから夏の朝練までのトレーニングパートナーの二人。一緒にレースするチャンス!そして1位!シーズンのクライマックス!




I had a good start to the year. 2 crashes in the middle of the season slowed me down a bit. But thanks to a summer of early morning “asaren”, I came back strong again for the last part of the season.

JCRC Gunma CSC S class (60 km, 10 laps) I attacked the group to join a break away on the 8th lap. I thought the 9th was the last lap and sprinted for the win. But there was one more lap to go! Result: 4th.
JBCF Gunma CSC E3 class (36 km, 6 laps) 200 starters. Like the last race, I attacked with 2 laps remaining (4th lap). I had a gap and rode the next lap solo but was caught on the hairpin on the 5th lap. Back in the main group for the last lap. Result: 22nd.

Tokyo~Itoigawa (304 km). I look forward to this every year. I enjoyed riding with team mate Daito san from start to finish. My 5th win. Result: 1st (304 km, 8:49, 34.44 kmph)

JBCF Tsugaike Hill Climb E3 class. I was aiming for 55, 56 minutes. It took me 60. It’s a disappointing time. But I rode as hard as I could – I think hill climbing requires lots of specific training, especially as I get older. Result: 31st. (60:30)
Uchinada TTT, TT and RR. A crash in training the week before this race. To make it worse I brought down 3 friends with me. I’ve enjoyed this race in the past. But I wasn’t there physically or mentally this time. Dropped in the TTT, average in the TT. And off the back of the main group in the RR. I’ll be back for revenge this year! Result: TTT (8th, thank you!), TT (49th, 15:07 ), RR (62nd)

JBCF Ishikawa RR. The first time to go to this race in a few years. I thought I had a chance of a good result in this one. 6km into the race, the fast descent. I was too far back. Rode into the back of a big crash. I thought I’d saved it. But I went over the barriers. Stitches in my leg. Result: DNF.

Maze Enduro. The first time to have summer to train in a few years. Asaren every day gave me good form. A 3 man team with Daito san and Yanagi san. A great team effort. Result: 1st
Jyonnobi 110 km marathon. Murayama san, Tazaki san and Team Fins! This is training. But you ride as hard as you can! Result: 3rd

Yatsuo TT and RR. I was disappointed this was cancelled
JBCF Gunma CSC (56 km, 9 laps) Caught on the wrong side of a crash on the 2nd lap. Too far back in the main group like at Ishikawa? Couldn’t rejoin the front group. 7 laps solo. Was happy with how fast I went. But couldn’t help thinking about what might have been… Result: 43rd

Japan Cup. I go to this race for the atmosphere. A full lap in the lead group! My best result yet! Result: FAD

Gunma CSC 5 h enduro. A two man team with Nishihiro san. From winter snow shoes to summer asaren – training partners. It’s great to race together. Even better to win! A great way to end the season! Result: 1st

2014 aims

My main goal is always Tokyo~Itoigawa. I also want to try to get a good result at Gunma CSC as this is a course which suits me. A few enduros too. I must be getting old!


First top end training of 2014 today.

I'll race the Tokyo Enduro in 3 weeks time.

I don't expect to need too much top end speed. This is an endurance event. But I guess I'll have to close some gaps. Follow some wheels.

On the road. In a snow storm. Intervals also keep you warm.

Thursday's training:

  • Road - 30s : 60 s intervals x 10 + SFR climb (50×12) x 3 (50 km, 500 m climbing)
  • Rollers x 50 mins

A big challenge today. Level 20 on the stepping machine for .... 2 hours! Some kind of record?!

On the rollers at night. A documentary about the "Race Across America" and "Haute Route". Inspirational stuff!

Wednesday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 120 mins
  • Rollers x 90 mins

This winter has been all about volume. Exercising at low / medium intensity. Building the base for the season.

It's tempting to go harder. To do intervals. But I don't need to fly just yet... a little more patience.

Sunday's training:

  • Rollers x 90 mins

Monday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 80 mins
  • Rollers x 90 mins

Tuesday's training:

  • Swim x 120 laps (3 km)

Fresh snow again. Spring is still a way off. Still winter training is quality training. Not long to wait now.

Thursday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 60 mins
  • Rollers x 60 mins

Friday: rest day

Saturday's training:

  • Free squats x 800
  • Rollers x 90 mins

A chance to ride today. Base miles on the coast. Night time rollers bring it up to a virtual 122 km.

Wednesday's training:

  • Road (66 km)
  • Rollers (90 mins)

First snow shoe for a while on Tuesday morning. This is fantastic training. A real energy burner!

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's training: Rollers (90 mins)

Monday's training: Rollers (90 mins)

Tuesday's training:

  • Snow shoe (2h 45)
  • Rollers (90 mins)

The stepping machine has been a big part of my training this winter. Endurance and strength training combined.

Strength training focussing on the legs and core.

Together with snow shoeing, the best cross-training for cycling.

Friday's training:

  • Stepping machine (50 mins)
  • Rollers (90 mins)

Heavy snow over the last few days.

Shovelling snow is great core work.

At night on the balcony. In a blizzard. This is what it's all about!

Wednesday's training:

  • Rollers (60 mins)

Thursday's training:

  • Stepping machine (60 mins)
  • Rollers (60 mins)
A few chances to ride on the road last week. Snow this week as we step back into winter.

I don't get frustrtated. Indeed I'm just as happy to cross train as ride on the road in the winter.

Night time rollers are the icing on the cake. And it was "icing" tonight. Couldn't even get the hat and gloves off....

Monday's training:
  • Stepping machine (level 20 × 70 mins)
  • Rollers (150 HR x 90 mins)

Tuesday's training:

  • Swim (x 80 laps, 2 km)
  • Rollers (150 HR x 90 mins)
twenty seconds.jpg

Another Saturday group ride. At 6am it's minus 4 degrees. Won't get much warmer either! 3 base layers, winter jacket and wind breaker. Like the Michelin man!

A group of 7 at it's largest.

Short steady rotations are decided upon. Keep a steady speed. Keep a steady heart rate.

I pull for 20 seconds each time. In such a short turn on the front the going is easy. But the pace is good. Like a well oiled machine at times.

110 kms on the clock.

Like most weekends, my next training session comes on Sunday night. It's now a strange 16 degrees. Short sleeves time!

Friday: rest day

Saturday's training: Road (110 km)

Sunday's training: Rollers 150 HR X 60 minsw



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