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Asaren with Team Fins this morning. They are super motivated this year as they take on the JBCF for this first time. I'm happy they invite me to ride.

430 start. The 35 km ride to the start is the perfect warm up. 3 degrees at 5 am. 20 degrees at 8am. What to wear? Best to be hot than cold.

Through and off beside the river to Bunsui. 45 kmph pace. Kenta livens things up with a few attacks.

My legs feel heavy. Eight days of back to back riding. 8 days a week! (115 km > 80 km > 170 km > 140 km > rollers > rollers > 100 km > 120 km today).

Short turns for me. Grind it up gradually. Pull off.

The big test is the pass between Ishiji and Yoita. Switch backs. 10% sections. You have to find a rhythm. My first real climb of the year. Happy to reach the summit at the front with Tojo san.

I leave the guys here. A family trip to Nagano today.

Rest day tomorrow.

Asaren next week. Some 100 km tempo rides. Some hill work.

2 weeks to Gunma CSC.

Saturday's training: Road (120 km, 700 m climbing)


A rainy morning on Thursday means no asaren. By mid-morning it's a beautiful day. I think about trying to sneak off for a ride. But it's a chance to take the kids to the park and then the beach...

At night on the rollers, 55 kmph for an hour. Save something for a big asaren ride on Friday.

On Friday on the road at 430. The plan is to do 100 km before breakfast. Up the coast. U-turn back at the 50 km point. Home just after 730 for breakfast with the boys...

Thursday's training: Rollers x 60 mins

Friday's training: Road (100 km, 400 m climbing)


Up at 4am for asaren. But both boys are ill so I decide to stay at home. A day of lego, cars, golf, hide and seek...

Once they are asleep tonight, night time rollers. Recently I've been holding 50 kmph. A little harder tonight. 55 kmph plus some intervals at 60 kmph.

I'm feeling good. Looking forward to Gunma CSC JCRC on April 13th.

Wednesday's training: Rollers x 90 mins

10 mins warm up
30 mins 55 kmph
10 mins - 60 kmph (1 min) / easy (1 min) x 5
10 mins 55 kmph
10 mins - 60 kmph (1 min) / easy (1 min) x 5
10 mins 55 kmph
10 mins warm down


310 km. That's the length of Tokyo~Itoigawa in May.

I covered the distance in 2 days this week (500 km + in 4 days since Saturday).

5 am start. Strong winds on the coast. But it's warmer and drier than the mountains inland.

These two weeks are an important step to getting race ready.

More asaren tomorrow...

Tuesday's training: Road (140 km, 1000 m climbing).


I ride lots. 6 days a week. 60 to 80 km. 100 km+ if it's a group ride. But I rarely get the chance to do a "long one".

Today was a chance. The weather fantastic. A century ride.

Long rides are important physically and mentally. 5 plus hours in the saddle...

Asaren tomorrow?

Monday's training: Road (170 km, 1200 m climbing).


I love this time of year. Asaren again on Sunday. The weather wasn't great. But the forecast looks great from Monday. Sunny and warm.

Time to make the shift from night time "yoruren" to early morning "asaren".

Training at night is great in the winter. But nothing beats riding your bike as the sun comes up.

The real training starts here.

Sunday's training: Road (80 km)


450 am start this morning. Clear skies and a full moon guide me up Sochi Pass.

It's icy at the top. A careful descent into Nagaoka. A 6am rendezvous. Minus 2 degrees.

500 m into the ride. One rider slips on the ice. He becomes a DNS. Back to Cycleshop Fins. Bikes in the car. In search of clear roads.

A broken spoke in the car for Hayakawa san. A second DNS. He is a major player today though. The pace car driver!

It's bitterly cold. Snow in the air. Strong and icy cold wind.

5 men are soon 3. 60 or 70 km behind the pace car. Two up behind the car. One tucked in behind.

Even with the car the wind and sand give us a battering. Adachi san has the best condition right now. He helps me out a few times.

When Shinobu has paced me before I've always thought "this is the best training for top end conditioning". But with 3 riders jostling for position, it's even better.

We are lucky to have smooth roads. Little traffic. Few traffic lights.

I think we should do more pacing as we prepare for Gunma in April.

Friday: rest day

Saturday's training: Road (115 km, 700 m climbing).

a bath and.jpg

On many training days during the winter I've doubled up. Cross training + rollers.

In spring there's more chance to ride on the road. But an hour on the rollers is always beneficial.

A wet commute today. Plus an hour on the rollers before a bath and a few beers...

Thursday's training:

  • Road (45 km)
  • Rollers (60 mins)

LAP time position speed
1 09:43 10 アンディ 30.9kmph neutral
2 07:20 29 アンディ 40.9kmph group
3 07:06 1 アンディ 42.2kmph group
4 07:43 14 アンディ 38.9kmph group
5 07:39 9 アンディ 39.2kmph group
6 07:26 8 アンディ 40.4kmph group
7 07:34 2 アンディ 39.6kmph group
8 07:43 13 アンディ 38.9kmph group
9 07:30 2 アンディ 40.0kmph group

23 08:36 21 アンディ 34.9kmph change over
24 07:35 18 アンディ 39.6kmph solo
25 07:34 18 アンディ 39.6kmph solo
26 07:28 15 アンディ 40.2kmph solo
27 07:39 15 アンディ 39.2kmph solo
28 07:27 13 アンディ 40.3kmph solo
29 07:28 12 アンディ 40.1kmph solo
30 07:28 10 アンディ 40.2kmph solo

This is my data from the Tokyo Enduro on Saturday. I rode the first and last hour of the event.

1st hour

In the first hour I rode in the front group. The neutral lap is slowest.

I did most of the pulling on the 3rd lap. Proud to go through first at an average of 42.2 kmph.

2nd hour

I rode the second hour solo. TT mode.

The first change over lap is slowest. A full minute is lost here. 2 men at 2 hours each is the best strategy.

Starting in 21st position, I gradually clawed it back to 10th. My speed is slightly faster than when I was in the top group.

A good sign. But I want to go faster.

I'll go back and win this event next year!

wedint.jpgThe middle of the week is a good time to do intervals.

Into a head wind. On the flat. These are good intervals:

  • 30s hard standing > 30 s hard sitting > 120 s easy x10

Tuesday's training:

  • Road (15 km)
  • Rollers x 70 mins

Wednesday's training:

  • Road (65 km)
  • Rollers x 70 mins
There is no better way to assess your form than a race. I'm really happy with where I'm at.

The harsh winter in Niigata is a blessing really. Living on the other side of Japan, it would be easy to just train the same way all year round.

Cross training, strength work and rollers give me a big base to build on. Perhaps my biggest base ever. "When it's time to fine tune the engine, the bigger the better..."

A little more base work today.

Sunday: rest day

Monday's training:

  • Road x 55 km

  • Rollers x 75 mins

The Tokyo Enduro on Saturday. How much distance can you cover in 4 hours? 500 teams of 2, 3 or 4 riders on the road.

It's great to escape the snow of Niigata. Blue skies over Saitama. Most are complaining about the cold and wind but I'm raring to go.

A 3 man team with Wada san and Satoru san. We are the "A" team of 4 Jyonnobitime teams.

The order for our team is Andy (1h) > Wada san (1h) > Satoru san (1h) > Andy (1h).

My objective is to:

1. ride in the front group for the 1st effort.
2. Do a flat out hard effort for the 2nd effort..

The course is a 5 km rectangle around a lake:

1. The home straight is into a strong head wind.
2. For the turn, a short climb and descent, some speed bumps, another short climb and descent, through a chicane.
3. The long back straight with a strong tail wind.
4. A right angle turn. Over the bridge. Another right angle turn. Back into the home straight.

The first lap is a neutral lap. I work my way to the front of the group on the back straight (the widest part of the course).

1st effort

Race time. It’s a good pace. I try to sit in the sweet spot around 10th man. The top group slows and accelerates through the corners and chicane. It takes a dig each time to keep position. Great race training.

Riders fall off the back slowly but surely. We are down to about 15 men. A few turns on the front. I count down the laps. These guys will do 2 hours each and change for another 2 hour rider. I said I’d do 8. But in a group it’s fast. And I’m enjoying this so much, I stay on for nine.

I attack the group down the back straight on the last lap. A decent gap. This was my strategy to give the next man a chance to get into the front group. But it takes much more time to get through the pits here (unlike the Maze racing circuit or Gunma CSC).

Next up Wada San. And then Satoru san. A good job done! We help each other with the change overs.

2nd effort

2 hours later, it’s my turn to go again. No group to shelter in now. A flat out effort. Arms on the tops in time trial position. Head down. Time to dig in.

The only data I’m interested in (and have displayed) is speed and time. I try to hold 35 kmph plus on the home straight. 45 kmph plus on the back straight. Attack each climb out of the saddle.

The GS Astuto 60 mm rims are great for this kind of riding. Aeodynamic for the straights. Light enough to keep momentum up the climbs. Responsive enough to get up to speed through the chicane.

The home straight is hardest. Looking for shelter. Leap frogging riders.

On the back straight the wind is so strong, you feel like Cancellara. Now it’s all about a hard constant effort. Keeping a good line wide of other riders. The 50 × 12 top gear is too small. Spinning out at 110 ~ 120 rpm.

I pass hundreds of riders. Including what looks like the top group. Somehow it’s easy to go hard with other riders in front of you. And when you know there is a time limit.

I’m doing the math in my head. It takes 6 or 7 minutes a lap. If I cross the finish before the cut at 11:45, I’ll be able to do one more lap. Don’t quite make it…..

Still 8 laps entirely solo is a good effort.

We did 30 laps in total (Andy 9 > Wada san 6 > Satoru san 7 > Andy 8).

Good enough for 10th place out of 500 teams.

Next up Gunma CSC in April. Good sensations. I have good speed.
Now I need to work a bit more on top end. Intervals. Pacing. Race simulation….

Saturday’s training: Tokyo endure (10 km warm up, 95 km race)

First "race" of the season on Saturday. The Tokyo enduro.

I skipped night time rollers yesterday. Get the car packed. 3 bikes. 3 days' worth of clothes.

Saitama here we come!

Thursday's training: Stepping machine x 75 mins

Friday: rest day

ontime.jpgMore strong winds blowing up the coast today.

I do 15 km to Nishiyama in just over 20 mins. On time for once!

Later some intervals on the climb by the power station. 50 × 13 gear. 38~40 kmph. The last 4 intervals hurt.

Later on the rollers. Leige~B~Leige 2013. Another classic with short steep climbs. And an exciting climax.

Wednesday's training:

  • Road (50 km, 400 m climbing)

intervals: 30/60 × 2; 35/70 × 2; 40/80 × 2; 45/90 × 4 (10 total)

  • Rollers (50 kmph+ x 90 mins)

Really windy yesterday. I enjoyed being blown up the coast.

The return is a struggle. Into a headwind. You have to embrace it! With the hills covered in snow, this is a chance for some strength training on the flat.

At night on the rollers. Amstel Gold Race 2013. Who said Holland is flat!?

Tuesday's training:

  • Road (45 km)
  • Rollers (60 mins)

Last week I watched lots of Paris~Roubaix. This week I want to watch a different classics race each day.

Today the Strade Bianche. I watched 2012 (great Cancellara win), 2013 and 2014 (yesterday's race!).

Running through beautiful Tuscany, this race is only 8 years old. It's origins are in an amateur sportif run on pre-1985 bikes. No modern technology allowed!

It's modern now though and attracts the big names: Evans, Valverde, Cancellara, Sagan. However it's not world tour so no race radios allowed. Only 3 TV cameras too (2 bikes, 1 helicopter).

As an alternative to the cobbles of Roubaix and Flanders, this race has sections of white sand dirt roads. Maxing out at 18%!

It also has a beautiful finish, climbing up to the centre of the historical town of Siena.

With such breathtaking scenery, it's easy to forget about the snow outside...

Monday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 75 mins
  • Rollers x 90 mins

incl. 60 kmph (1 min) / 50 kmph (2 mins) x 5 sets


Recent weekends I ride one day, "rest" the other.

I say "rest" as I get up with the kids for a fun filled day of play.

Saturday is a play day.

At 430 am on Sunday morning there's a thin layer of snow on the ground. Minus 2 degrees. Mt. Yoneyama pulls in the snow clouds. The radar up the coast looks okay though.

Drive up the coast. Dry by Ishiji. Park and ride.

Meet up with Ito san and Hayakawa san. We head up the coast towards Niigata. Mt. Yahiko also brings heavy snow. By Maze the snow is settling on the ground. Time to u-turn.

"Snow is better than rain!" And it is. So long as you keep moving. Through and off.

By Izumozaki we have blue skies. The windbreaker comes off. Tighten the toe straps. Time for some fast through and off. 40 kmph on the front. 30 seconds each.

A 10 km warm down. Chance to chat. Talk about our goals for the year. Group rides like this will be important as we aim to get stronger together.

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's training: Road (101 km, 600 m climbing)

big mag.png

I've been watching Paris~Roubaix on the stepping machine and rollers recently.

Starting with the 2013 race and working backwards.

2004 and 2003 today. 2004 is a cracker.

38 years old Museeuw leading the charge. 90 kg Backstedt taking the win. Motivation for the older heavier rider!

Friday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 70 mins
  • Rollers x 70 mins

Usually March is the time to put in some miles on the road before the season starts in April.

Bad weather these last few days. Cross training + rollers are the equivalent of a long ride on the road.

Thursday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 100 mins
  • Rollers x 75 mins

Beautiful weather yesterday. It rained all day today. Tonight on the veranda it's wet and very windy.

I continue with Paris~Roubaix on youtube. The 2013 edition was a cracker.

No heart rate recently. Take 30 minutes to build to 50 kmph. Then hold it at 51, 52, 53 for the duration.

Wednesday's training:

Rollers x 90 mins


A beautiful day today. But several days of bad weather forecast from tomorrow.

On the road. Best to make it count. Intervals and SFR.

At night on the rollers takes me over a virtual 100 km for the day.

Tuesday's training:

Road (65 km)

  • intervals 30 s hard / 60 s easy x 15
  • SFR x 30 mins

Rollers x 60 mins


This winter I've watched a lot of cycling videos. TDF 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012...

Recently I've turned my attention to Paris~Roubaix. The toughest of all races. Watching Boonen and Cancellara tear up the cobbles, the stepping machine and rollers seem easy.

80 minutes at L 20 (always L 20!) on the stepping machine.

90 minutes at 50 kmph + on the rollers. The slippery blue drums a far cry from the dusty brown cobbles.....

Monday's training:

  • Stepping machine x 80 mins
  • Rollers x 90 mins

As we enter spring, there are more chances to ride outside. At weekends, my plan is 1 day rest, 1 day long.

The forecast looks best for Sunday. A message on facebook has up to 10 starters.

4 am Sunday morning. It's raining hard. 1 ~ 2 C temperature. The weather looks better further up the coast.

A 40 km drive to Teradomari. Rain all the way. A message from Hayakawa san. "I'm starting at 6!"

Two of us on the road then. I'm a big fan of his no nonsense talking, no nonsense riding.

Up the coast past Mt. Yahiko and Mt. Kakuda.

Through and off. 30 ~ 45 seconds each. Not enough time for the heart rate to go too high on the front. Not enough time for the heart rate to fall on the back.

Some decent climbing too. Up and above LT 170 HR.

A good training session.

It's the strength of others that make you a stronger rider.

Looking forward to lots of rides like this this year.

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday's training:

  • Road (85 km, 750 m climbing)
  • Free squats x 800



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