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Another meeting with my coach on Wednesday.

Here's what we talked about:

the build to Tokyo~Itoigawa

build 2, week 3

This week was build 2, week 3. This should be a hard week. However, after a crash on Sunday it is important to recover. This is my plan for the remainder of the week:

a specific workout

We looked more closely at 4 efforts I did on Tuesday. 4 × 8 minutes at 340 W.

The efforts looked good. The heart rate was right up there each time. The power data seems consistent to.

I imagine that the FTP value determined by 4iiii will be around this level (340 W).

longer intervals

I have been doing lots of these short intervals recently.

We agreed that I should try some longer 20 / 15 min efforts at around 95% FTP. These are beneficial for "adaptation". I tried some of these the following day.

build 2, rest week

I will do an FTP test at the end of next week (Friday May 1st).

I will run the powertap and 4iiii for comparative purposes. With this data we will make the transition from using powertap to using 4iiii for power training.

peak week 1

In the peak week I will do 1 big ride at almost race pace.

I will do tempo riding in this week (no intervals).

fuji speedway A target race

The date of this race is two weeks later than we anticipated. We will adjust the ATP to cater for this.

a summer A race?

Now there is a longer gap between the two "A" races. I will look for a
race to target in the middle of this gap (around July).

This could be a 1h FTP type event like Norikura.

Alternatively, we could try something different. For example a punchy road race with some specific training of VO2max.

We may restructure the ATP for 3 peaks. Or we may just "race through it".

We will talk about these things more after Tokyo~Itoigawa.


This week was build 2, week 3. In theory this is the hardest week of training so far. After a crash on Sunday I built into it.

On Monday I was still sore. Small ring riding.

Monday's training:
Road: 1h 30
Rollers: 1h

I thought I wouldn't be ready, but on Tuesday I went ahead and did some intervals. 340 W x 8 mins x 4.


Tuesday's training:
Road: intervals 1h 15
Rollers: recovery 2 h

Commuting and recovery on Wednesday.

Wednesday's training:
Road: 3 h

Asaren on Thursday. 2 × 20 mins TT plus some easy riding.

Thursday's training:
Road: intervals 2 h 30
Rollers: 1 h

Asaren with Yamada san on Friday. Rotating. I do 1 min pulls in zone 3. A good workout.


Friday's training:
Road: zone 3 and easy 4 h

More asaren on Saturday. This time with Okamra san. A big ride planned. But my gear cable snaps after 15 km. 75 km pulling him in the big ring. Old school! Later 2 × 20 mins TT.

Saturday's training:
Road 4 h

On Sunday I plan to finish with intervals. But yesterday's effort was too hard. Mission aborted for a recovery ride.

Sunday's training:
Road: intervals 1h 30

weekly total: 22 h


JCRC at Gunma CSC today. 80 riders. Some strong guys in the mix. Including J Pro riders and National MTB champion Takei san.

A big warm up. Raise the HR a few times. Feeling good.

By 830 on the start line it's warming up nicely.

3,2,1 Go!

Takei san is aggressive from the start. Bumper to bumper with the lead motorbike!

On the first climb he goes up it like a motorbike too! Looking back. Trying to make a selection.

The 2nd lap.

I'm off the front on the downhill. Looking for a selection of my own? Swallowed up after the hairpins.

Takei san is off the front again. The bunch has no control of him. Swinging his arms like a footballer as nobody joins him.

Into the home straight. About 10th man. And...


Two guys in front touch wheels. Down they go. Nowhere to escape. Straight over the top.

Head over heels. The helmet takes the impact. Then my lower back. A few curses. But what's the point? The risk you take and all that.

Lieing on the grass verge. Race over. Only 15 mins on the clock. It takes a while but I think, sod it, I'll ride on.

Back on the bike

I can't walk. But pedaling is easier. Can't stand out of the saddle though. Gears mashed up too.

The derrailleur is bent. Pull it back by hand. Spin easy waiting for the group to come around again.

Here it comes. Latch onto the back.

1 lap down now

It's easy on the back. Until you come out of the corners! I can't follow the accelerations.

Sit up.

I think I'll climb off. But then a slower group comes by. Jump on the back. This is more like it. Enjoy chatting about Tokyo〜Itoigawa. Sunday riding pace.

A couple of laps nice and easy.

On the home straight the spectators are getting excited. Look back. The break is coming!

Maybe. Just maybe...

In the break

Jump on. The 5 man break becomes 6. All the big hitters. Plus me. 2 laps down!

I take my pulls.

"Where did you come from?"

The pace is fast but easy on the climbs. Up the hairpin climb. I think I'll have to go full gas.

"Andy. Slow down. Tempo. Tempo." says Takei san in English.
"Gomennasai (I'm sorry)" I reply in Japanese.
"Don't worry!" comes the reply...

International racing in the Gunma mountains!

I sit on the back for the next lap. This is how a break works. They're a well oiled machine. Not too hard on the climbs. Drill the descents. A steady constant effort.

As we enter the last half hour the pace rises a little. Pain in the leg. Pain in the back. I'm done...

Sit up again

Next comes the group. I cling on at the back for a while... until the elastic snaps...

Climb off in the home straight. Off the bike I can barely walk.

Going home

Just want to get home now. Change of shoes. Jump in the car. Don't even take the gloves off.

Back in Kashiwazaki Enosan checks the bike over. Maybe I'll need a checkover tomorrow too.

Arrrrgh. Not the best race! But what can you do?

I'll be ready for Tokyo〜Itoigawa in May!


This week was build 2, week 2. In theory I would go harder than last week, but with a race on Sunday I backed off after Thursday.

After Sunday's big ride, Monday was about recovery. I did two 20 min sets in zone 2 as well.

Monday's training:
Road: recovery (1 h 30)
Rollers: zone 2 (1 h 30)

On Tuesday I have the 4iiii power meter on the bike at last. Time to experiment. 4 x TT up the pass on R291 from Oguni to the tunnel.

I love this climb. 4 km in the big ring. A few subtle changes in grade. But the grade is just right to get you in the zone.

The 4 efforts are remarkably similar in terms of time, speed, power and HR.

strava data

Tuesday's training:
Road: intervals (2 h 30)
Rollers: recovery (1h)

On Wednesday a commute, a recovery ride and then rollers. Not sure if I'll have chance to do a second set of intervals on Thursday, I bring them forward a day. On the rollers, 63 kmph x 8 mins x 4.

Wednesday's training:
Road: recovery (2 h 10)
Rollers: intervals (1 h 30)

All the hard training done. A spin on Thursday. Beautiful weather. I had time in the end but it's nice to take in an easy ride.

Thursday's training:

Road: recovery (2 h)

Rest day on Friday. Put the race tyres on.

Friday: rest day

On Saturday a quick spin. Raise the HR to upper zone 3 × 2. Race tomorrow!

Saturday's training:

Road (1 h)

Sunday: Race (3 h ?)

Total: approx 16 h

Next week, Build 2, week 3 will be a bumper training week....


Back into hard training. My aim last week is to do high intensity intervals. 8 mins x 4 sets on 3 days.

These proved tiring, so I followed them with recovery work. Some volume and zone 3 work too when the legs were up to it.

Zone 3 work on Monday. 3 sessions on the rollers. A big day to start the week.

Rollers zone 3 work (3h 20)

Rain again on Tuesday. Some cross training. Some top end intervals on the rollers.

Stepping machine, zones 1 and 2 (1 h 20)
Rollers: Typed D intervals, 60 kmph x 8 mins x 4 (1h 10)

Wednesday is a chance to do some volume. Zones 1 & 2.

Road: volume (4 h 15)
Rollers: recovery, zone 1 (1h)

Intervals on the road on Thursday. Finishing on the power station climb. Always enjoy hammering up this one.

Road: takahama~PS TT x 4
Rollers: recovery, zone 1 (1h)

Tired legs on Friday. A recovery spin.

Road (recovery 1 h)

My coach advises a rest on Saturday.


A group ride on Sunday. 12 riders. Mostly easy. But there are some splits and accelerations to cover. Finishing off with 4 climbs of Yakushi Pass. I perform well, especially after a hard training week.

Road: volume / group ride / yakushi toge x 4 (5 h 30)

Total: 21 h / 600 km

Next week is build 2, week 2. On paper I should go harder still. But with a race on Sunday morning, I'll be tapering off after Thursday....

As a basic plan:

Monday: recovery/ volume
Tuesday: intervals
Wednesday: recovery / volume
Thursday: intervals
Friday: rest
Saturday: short easy spin
Sunday: race


Another skype meeting with my coach on Monday. Usual time, 10 pm. Always so generous with time and advice.

I think we've come a long way since we first sat down and skyped last year.

Here are the notes I made:

The FTP test analysis

I did my third FTP test of the year on April 4th. The average power for the duration was 364 W (normalized power 365 W). The average HR was 169 bpm.

Here are the results of the FTP tests so far:

FTP test November 2014: 360 W (17 minutes)
FTP test February 2015: 357 W (20 minutes)
FTP test March 2015: 361 W (20 minutes)
FTP test April 2015: 365 W (20 minutes)

  • My observations

I thought I started and finished strong. Maybe there was a lull in the middle? I thought this might be related to recent efforts of holding say 150 HR (where there is an initial power surge, ease off as the HR settles, power again as the HR starts to get comfortable).

I could go hard and hold it hard at the end, perhaps thanks to the recent higher intensity training.

  • Data analysis

The power profile was similar to my on the road observations. It was around 365 at the start. It dropped to 360 in the middle until the 18 minute mark. With a big push at the end, I raised the average to 365 W.

We think if I can push that hard at the end, maybe I wasn't pushing hard enough earlier in the test. An ideal strategy would be to increase 5 watts over 5 minute periods.

  • The effect of standing

At one point I stood up. This is matched by a peak in power. However, the power drops after this. The heart rate dropped too from 171, 172 to 168. It took 2 minutes for the HR to come back to the trajectory. I also made these observations on the road. Wind and ups and downs in the road played a part. However, this also reaffirmed my feeling that when I stand (particularly during a hard effort) there is a negative effect on performance for a short period afterwards.

Modification of the zones and a new FTP

The previous FTP was 343 W. We adjusted the FTP based on the test to a new value of 347 W.

365 × 95 % = 347 W FTP

We adjusted the power zones in accordance with this:

1 Active Recovery 193 W (119HR)
2 Endu 194 - 263 W (120~145)
3 Tempo 264 - 315 W (146~164)
4 Lact T 316 - 367 W (165~183)
5 VO2 max 368 - 419 W (184+)
6 Anaerobic 420 -2000 W

Analysis of the last build phase 1

  • My observations:

I thought I increased the volume and intensity over the 3 week period. The final week was a big big week.

I think I used the rest week well to recover. I'm happy with how I performed on Saturday.

  • Data analysis:

Without looking at TSS (affected by stages data), there was a progression through the build phase:

Week 1: 13 h / 438 km

Week 2: 18 h / 530 km

Week 3: 27 h / 890 km

We looked in detail at the workouts done in Build 1, week 3.

  • Zone 3 workouts

Some workouts seemed steadier than others with a low percentage of "decoupling". Weather and the course plays a part in this. Also, tiredness on different days of the week. My general observations and "Perceived Exertion" seemed to correlate closely with the data.

  • Intervals

There was a general feeling that the intervals were not hard enough. After an interval session, I should only be good for zone 1 spinning. This is something we will target in the Build 2 phase.

Training for build 2

In the last build phase I did lots of work at mid intensity (zone 3) and intervals at higher intensity.

In the next build phase we want to make the intervals harder. Using the same "A to D" type intervals, we will increase the intensity:

  • specific workouts

•Type A: 2 × 20 mins at 90 ~ 95 % FTP (310 to 330 W), 5 mins R.I.

•Type B: 2 × 15 mins at 95 ~ 100 % FTP (330 to 347 W), 5 mins R.I.

•Type C: 4 × 10 mins at 100 ~ 105 % FTP (347 to 365 W), 5 mins R.I.

•Type D: 4 × 8 mins at FTP test pace (365 + W)

Because of the harder intensity intervals, we think more time will be necessary at low intensity for recovery.

To keep the volume up, I will do some zone 2 riding with some zone 3 intervals.

  • A simple template would be:

Day 1: Intervals (road), recovery (rollers)

Day 2: Zone 2 (some zone 3)

Day 3: Intervals (road), recovery (rollers)

Day 4: Zone 2 (some zone 3)

Day 5: Intervals (road), recovery (rollers)

Day 6 / 7: weekend ride (volume, some high intensity), weekend rest day

Gunma JCRC ED class (2h)

This is a "B" race so I will train through it. This race comes at the end of build 2, week 2. The hours will be shortened from 16.5 to 11 target hours.

  • We envisage this kind of lead in:

Thursday: last intervals

Friday: rest

Saturday: zone 2, raise to zone 3 briefly

Sunday: race

The lead up to Tokyo Itoigawa

This is the basic plan leading into my first "A" race:

Build 2, week 1 (16.5 h)

Build 2, week 2 (11h including 2h race)

Build 2, week 3 (bumper week, max hours and intensity)

Build 2, week 4, rest week

Peak (10 h, recovery, zone 3 maintenance, FTP test, long ride)

Race week (16 h, including 9 h race, zones 1 and 2)


I will do a big training week in Build 2, week 3 (similar to Build 1, week 3).

After Build 2, week 4 (rest) I will perform an FTP test on May 2nd or 3rd.

During the Peak week I will do a long ride on 4th or 5th. We envisage this will be:

•50 to 70% race distance (150 to 200 km)
•At slightly less intensity than race pace
•After the long ride > day off > zone 2 > zone 3

The need for a stationary trainer?

It is apparent that it is difficult to mimic power work on the road using rollers. Unnaturally high cadence is required to produce the desired power targets.

A stationary trainer is necessary to provide resistance.

I hope that as the weather changes I will be able to do most high intensity on the road. I envisage that I will use the rollers for zone 1 and 2 spinning for recovery and freshness.

Weight loss?

Today I am 77.2 kg. I feel I may have more muscle mass than last year. However, I want to lose some excess weight.

I will aim to get down to 75 kg for Tokyo~Itoigawa in 6 weeks time. I hope that checking my weight daily and a shift to early morning training will help me to achieve this.

I'm really happy with my athlete-coach relationship and how my performance is progressing this year. Cheers!


Last week was my biggest training week this year. This week was a rest week.

This week I was off work and the weather was great... In the past I'd have rode my legs into the ground...

They say the rest week is when you become stronger. The muscles repair and build, the engine recharges. Ready for the next step up in training load.

2 days off. Short spins on the rollers. Zone 1. Keep the legs fresh.

Monday, Tuesday: rest

Wednesday's training:
Rollers, zone 2, 45 mins

Thursday's training:
Rollers, zone 1, 30 mins

At the end of the rest week comes the 3rd FTP test this year. After the last build phase (and the next build 2 phase) we hope to see the FTP increase.

Resting and preparing for the FTP is like getting ready to race. The focus required. The pain it involves. This in itself is good training.

Like a race, with the FTP test, you know in the first few minutes if this is your day or not.

Friday's FTP test

I try the FTP on Friday morning. I want to hold 365 Ws. Beat last time's result of 361 Ws.

But it's not my day. I can't hold a steady effort. Power is up and down. Averaging 355 W. I decide to pull the plug after 7 minutes. Best to stop now. Try again tomorrow.

I talk with my coach He agrees it is a good decision. "Somtimes it's just not your day..."

A 1 or 2 percent loss in performance. What was wrong?

Here are my ideas:

  • not enough sleep
  • chesty cough (cold or hayfever)
  • poor warm up
  • warmer conditions than expected
  • need to recalibrate the power tap at the start line

Like Graeme Obree, a good night's sleep and I'll nail it tomorrow!

Friday's training:
Road, FTP test aborted (2 h)
Rollers, zone 1, 30 mins

Saturday's FTP test

A spin on the rollers Friday night. Early to bed.

Saturday morning. A decent warm up. 400 W x 1 min x 3.
At the start line. I'm ready.

3,2,1 GO!

As always, it's important not to overcook it. Best to have something to kick out at the end.

Lock onto 365 W. It feels easy at first. But it gets harder. It always does.

A purple patch in the middle. A change in the wind. A slight descent. You love these in training. Despise them in the FTP test. The watts trickle away from you...

Averaging around 360 W now.

All is not lost. If I hold this and hammer out the last 2 minutes, I can beat last time's effort.

Count down. 4 minutes to go. 3 minutes. 2 minutes. Here we go!

50 × 11. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. 450 W? Eyes closed. Who knows? The Grinderman.

This ain't pretty. But I'm clawing it back.

361, 362, winning now!, 363 come on! everything! everything! everything! 364 W on the line...

A new PB. This year's results:

357 W > 361 W > 364 W

strava ride data

It's nice to raise the bar a few watts each time.

After the test I enjoy a group ride. The highlight is 3 climbs of Yakushi Pass. My first climbing this year. Head to head with team ace Adachi san. Max effort at the top each time.

Saturday's training:
Road, FTP test & group ride (5h 15, 300 TSS)

I'm really enjoying my training this year. Looking forward to analyzing the FTP test with the coach tomorrow!

Sunday's training:
Rollers, zone 1, 2 (2h 20)

Total: 11 h 50



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