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The third week of the base phase 2. This is the big one. 19.5 h planned.

Week 4 is a rest week, with only 10 hours of training. A chance to go for it this week then.

A nice day on Monday. "If you get a chance to ride the road in winter, take it!". This was and still is my thinking.

However, now I have more focus. "No junk miles" as they say.

Upper zone 2. Concentrate on keeping the heart rate between 130 and 145 HR.

On the rollers at night, some speed and endurance work.

Monday's training:

Endurance: Road (2 h)
Endurance / speed: Rollers (90 mins)

I'll have less time to train on Wednesday and Thursday, so on Tuesday I put in a real chunk of work.

Tuesday's training:

1. Run (1h)
2. Stepping machine (1h 25)
3. Rollers (1h 10)

Strength: squats and lunges

Total weekly hours after 2 days: 7 h 35 mins (300 TSS)


Having hours to aim for makes training more structured, more logical.

At this stage I want to put in one rest day, 2 strength sessions, 2 speed sessions. The rest is endurance: rollers, cross training, road if there is the chance.

Like last week, I was itching to do more but stuck with the plan.

A 19.5 h week starts today.

Friday's training:

Endurance: Stepping machine (1h)
Leg speed: Rollers (1h)

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's training: Endurance: Snow shoe (2.5h)

Total weekly hours after 7 days: 17 h 20 mins (735 TSS)


To hit this week's target of 17.5 hours requires 6 days of average 3 hours + one rest day.

All training in zones 1 and 2,targeting upper zone 2 most of the time.

Sounds boring? Training is what you make it. Variety is the key in winter.

A long swim. Speed drills. Low intensity hillclimb repeats. Stepping. Free weights...

Tuesday's training:
Endurance: Swim (4 km, 90 mins)
Endurance / Speed: (Rollers 90 mins)

Wednesday's training:
1 Road (3h 15 mins)
2 Rollers (1h 40 mins)

Thursday's training:
Endurance: stepping machine (50 mins)
Strength: squats and lunges (40 mins)

Total weekly hours after 4 days: 12 h 45 mins

base 2, week 2.jpg



今日はローラー90分 + ステップ台90分、3時間できました。あと14.5時間だ〜

This week is Base period 2, week 2 of the annual training plan. I am targeting 17.5 hours of training, mostly in upper zone 2.

Today I did 90 mins on the rollers + 90 mins on the stepping machine. 3 hours down, 14.5 hours to go...

Monday's training:

1: Rollers (140 target HR) x 90 mins
2. Stepping Machine, L20 x 90 mins


Sunday marks the end of base 2, week 1. The hours of training increase each week before a final rest week.

This week's target hours were 14.5 h. I try to achieve these hours with 1 day of rest.

With a rest on Friday, and an hour on Saturday, I was itchy to get out on Sunday morning. I went 2 hours over with a snow shoe on Sunday morning.

I actually wanted to do more this week. But it's important to remain focussed on the bigger picture. Lots of training to be done in the next two weeks.

Sunday's training: Endurance: Snow shoe (2h 40)


Love riding on the rollers in a storm. All you can do is pedal. Underworld on full tilt.

The target is upper zone 2, 140 HR. I'm holding back, nudging over, easing off. Like a bull at a gate. A dog on heat!

This is the hardest I've gone all winter. And it's still not very hard.

The biggest base I've ever built. The bigger the engine, the more you can tune it up. All things come to he who waits...

Saturday's training: Rollers 140 HR x 1 h


Increasing the intensity a bit as I enter base 2 this week.

Upper zone 2 on the stepping machine and rollers on Tuesday.

Tuesday's training:

1. Stepping machine x 90 mins (131/147 HR)
2. Rollers x x 90 mins (127/147 HR)

A chance to ride the road on Wednesday. 2h at 130 to 145 HR. I love this type of riding. It used to be my bread and butter. But we are building up slowly this year.

Later some one leg and high cadence drills on the rollers.

Wednesday's training:

Endurance: 1. Road x 120 mins (133/155 HR)
Speed: Rollers x 60 mins

The gym on Thursday night. Leg work: leg press, leg extension and leg curls. x 12 reps / 5 sets.

Some stepping too.

Thursday's training:

Endurance: Stepping machine x 55 mins

Strength: leg work x 30 mins

Friday: rest day


Another meeting with the coach on Tuesday. Each time more and more doors open. This is a great learning experience for me.

Anyway, here are the notes I made:

Base period 2

This week marks the start of the 2nd base period.

Increasing volume

During the 3 weeks of this base period, it is important to increase the volume each week (in terms of total hours). ex: 14, 16, 18 hours. Therefore if I go over my target, I should aim to progressively increase the volume in subsequent weeks. This is something I should pay attention to

Increasing intensity

In base period 1 I aimed to do my work in HR zones 1 and 2. In zone 2, much of the work was at the lower end of HR z2.

In base period 2, I will aim to increase the intensity into the mid/upper zone (around 130 ~ 145 bpm).

(In base period 3, we envisage that I will be working in upper zone 2 and up into zone 3).

Base 2 strength work

I haven't done any strength work this year. In the UK I was consciously putting my time into endurance work to try and limit weight gain / fitness loss. Now I will refocus on strength work. Strength work will continue until the beginning of March. I will aim to do 2 or 3 strength workouts each week.

In base 2, I will reduce the volume and increase the weight. I will aim for 4/5 sets of 10 to 12 reps.

In base 3, we will increase the weight and reduce the reps further.

I will try to use the gym for this.


I will perform an FTP test on 7/8th February. Ideally I will do this on the road but will use a stationary trainer if necessary.

The heart rate zones may be adjusted based on the results of the test. It is hoped that lots of work in zone 2 will pay off and I will be able to produce a higher power output at a lower heart rate.

Body weight

I am 77 ~ 78 kg now. Last year I went down to 75 kg and was happy. But we will try to get an understanding of my optimum weight and I may try to go lower.

I will start to check % body fat too.


I have set up an account at which I will use to record my eating habits and link to Training Peaks.

We are interested in looking at input vs. output in terms of calories.

We will also look at the balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein.

I am particularly interested, as a vegetarian athlete, if I am meeting my protein requirements.

We talked about the effects of protein deficiency. We also talked about the roles of fats, carbs and energy for different intensities of exercise.

I really appreciate my coach's time and knowledge. Looking forward to a successful 2015!


Another snow shoe on Monday. Komura Pass, just 10 km inland, always has a good layer of snow.

Like SFR on the bike, the gentle grade is a constant effort. In the zone

At night some rollers. Two hours in zones 1 and 2. Baby it's cold on the balcony!

Monday's training:


1. snow shoes (2.5 h)
2. rollers zones 1 and 2 (2h)


First snow shoe this year. A thin layer of snow on a thick frozen layer.

This makes excellent snow shoeing, a blue sky and it would've been perfect

Today is the end of the recovery week. This has been a real eye opener for me. I feel really fresh.

Previously I would have been thinking about doing some rollers and weights tonight...

I want to follow the annual training plan as best as possible. I can't wait to see the results of this year's periodization training.

Sunday's training:

Endurance: Snow shoe (2h 20)

rps20150110_203957_699 (1).jpg

This week is week 4, the last week of base period one.

This is a low hours recovery week. Target 10 hours.
Take a day or two off, and limit the time on the bike a bit...

was the coach's advice.

I took 3 days off. If you can call an international flight and 2 days at Disneyland days off...

Back on my bike today. It feels great. On the rollers. Effortless almost. The HR responds nicely...

Friday: rest day

Saturday's training:

Endurance: Rollers zones 1 & 2 (2h)


As a form of cross training, running is not on the top of my list.

Snowshoeing, stepping, swimming, football, are all more appealing.

But running can be done "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" which makes it a good choice when away from home.

In Whitley Bay for two days.

A big run on Saturday morning. My biggest ever? Headlamp on. Beaches and headlands.

Saturday's training:

Endurance: Run (2h 15, 18 km)

A little tender on Sunday morning. I keep my run down on the beach. 6 laps. I like to find the sweetspot between the soft and compact sand. It's easy to get in the zone here.

Sunday's training:

Endurance: Run (1h 45, 15 km)

Back at home on Monday and Tuesday. 2 × 3h on the turbo trainer.

This is my first "recovery week" in the Annual Training Plan. Only 10 h in total, so rest planned for the next 2 days...

Monday's training:

Endurance: turbo trainer zones 1 and 2 (3h)

Tuesday's training:

Endurance: turbo trainer zones 1 and 2 (3h)

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: rest day


3 h a day on the turbo trainer for the last 3 days. 430 to 730 am. Zones 1 and 2.

What's 3 h in zones 1 and 2? 115 to 120 TSS. Around 1000 calories.

On a festive UK diet? Not enough to lose weight. Probably not enough to break even!

But these relative "base miles" are important for the season ahead.

Thursday's training:

Endurance: turbo trainer (3h)

Friday's training:

Endurance: turbo trainer (3h)



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