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After a few months of base training, high volume / low intensity, I upped my training this week.


From now until Tokyo~Itoigawa in May, my main aim is to increase my FTP.


This is done as intervals on alternate days, 2 or 3 sessions a week.


I plan to increase the intensity gradually. So far I've done:


  • 300 W x 20 mins x 2
  • 325 W x 15 mins x 2
  • 310 W x 20 mins x 2

350 W x 10 mins x 4

I've also been working on leg speed:

その後leg speed workもやりました:

  • 120 rpm x 1 min x 12
  • 125 rpm x 1 min x 12

All other riding is in upper zone 2

ほかのbike workはアッパーゾーン2でした。

I also did some strength work:

バイク以外にstrength workもしました:

  • 7.5kg dumbell lunges x 20 reps x 10
  • 7.5kg dumbell lunges x 20 reps x 10

Plus some cross training to keep things interesting:


  • snow shoe x 1
  • snow run x 1
  • snow shoveling x 3

I enjoyed this week's training and will enjoy a rest day tomorrow. Looking forward to next week's training already!


13h, 570 TSS
(12h 15 target)




target race


training overview


  • 1. 5月の東京~糸魚川まで



Type A: 2 × 20 mins at 85 ~ 90 % FTP (290 to 310 W), 5 mins R.I.

Type B: 2 × 15 mins at 90 ~ 95 % FTP (310 to 325 W), 5 mins R.I.

Type C: 4 × 10 mins at 95 ~ 100 % FTP (325 to 345 W), 5 mins R.I.

Type D: 8 mins at 100 ~ 105 % FTP (345 to 360 W)

  • 2. 5月~7月のニセコクラシックまで


february training

  • 1. rollers:

FTP intervals
upper zone 2
leg work (high cadence, 1 leg drills)

  • 2. strength work

  • 3. cross training (strength and endurance)



I had the first meeting of the year with my coach this week.

After a couple of months of base training I'm motivated for the training year ahead.

Here are the notes I made:

Modifications to the annual training plan

I have decided to target the Niseko Classic as my first A race.

We feel the race suits my abilities as a rider with its long distance and some climbing.

Last year I feel I had my best form in July, so I am excited to target a summer race.

Racing on closed roads is also motivating.

With this in mind, we envisage 2 distinct training phases.

training overview

  • Phase 1: First I will work on my FTP for Tokyo-Itoigawa in May.
  • Phase 2: Secondly I will work on my VO2 max for the Niseko Classic in July.

Bringing forward the build phase

Our original plan was:

February base 3
March build 1
April build 2

However we feel I have sufficient base fitness. I will start the build phase from now. I will do 3 build phases.

The main objective is to increase my FTP.

training from now

  • 1. FTP intervals

I will do FTP intervals similar to last year. Over time the intervals will become shorter and of higher intensity.

specific workouts:

Type A: 2 × 20 mins at 85 ~ 90 % FTP (290 to 310 W), 5 mins R.I.

Type B: 2 × 15 mins at 90 ~ 95 % FTP (310 to 325 W), 5 mins R.I.

Type C: 4 × 10 mins at 95 ~ 100 % FTP (325 to 345 W), 5 mins R.I.

Type D: 8 mins at 100 ~ 105 % FTP (345 to 360 W)

I will do these intervals twice (or three times) a week. It is important that it “feels like a work out”. On alternate days I will continue to do zone 2 work and some speed skills too.

  • 2. Zone 2 work

Through the winter I have been doing almost exclusively zone 2. Aiming for approximately 120 HR.

This is the lower end of zone 2. From now, when doing this training, I will aim for around 135 HR.

Similar to the FTP work we are looking for adaptation so I will steadily increase this value, aiming for around 145 HR by the end of February.

  • 3. Leg speed and strength training

I have neglected both these types of training in recent weeks. I will make an effort to do some strength work and some speed work (high cadence, 1 leg intervals) on the rollers.

An FTP test

I will base my power training on an approximate FTP of 340 W. I will do a bench mark FTP test at the earliest opportunity.

Body weight

Last year I got down to a race weight of 75 kg. The most significant period of weight loss was April to June when I dropped 2 kg.

This year I will make a conscious effort to bring the weight down sooner and hopefully go below last year’s race weight.

Looking forward to the season ahead. Bring it on!

base week 3, 19 h, 800 TSS










2014のTour de Franceが走った道をチェック!









It's been a month since I wrote this blog.

We went to the UK for Christmas and New Year.

3 weeks of overeating! 3 weeks of overdrinking!

Need to keep the training up!

Like the last 2 years I hooked a bike up to a trainer in the garage.

Get up early every day. 3 hours before breakfast!

Base training now, this is mostly zone 2 work.

I also got the chance to ride outside a few times. Checking out the roads of the 2014 Tour de France!

It's impossible to resist temptation and stay in zone 2 here. Into the red zone on the climbs for the first time in quite a while.

When we were away from home, I swapped the bike shoes for running shoes. 18km on the beach was maybe my longest run yet.

We had a great 3 weeks.

Back in Japan I've switched back to night time training. There's something about riding the rollers on the balcony with the snow coming down...

This week I even got a ride in on the road. Plus a snowshoe climb of Mt. Hachikoku. This helps to keep the motivation up.

From now I'll watch what I eat and drink and do the training to be in the best condition for when the racing season starts.


week 1 (base 1 week 3): 16.2h, 800 TSS

week 2 (base 1 week 4): 16h, 940 TSS

week 3 (base 2 week 1): 13h, 550 TSS

week 4 (base 2 week 2): 16.2h, 750 TSS



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